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Big Hill Springs Provincial Park

Wanting to see want was around our new community, the closest hike we found online was Big Hill Springs Provincial Park.  Only a few minutes west of our home, we headed out after dinner to check it out. The boys … Continue reading

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White Mud Ravine Nature Reserve

This spot came highly recommended for a summer walk, so we decided to check it out a bit early.  It is beautiful, so far the White Mud Creek is my favorite place to explore in Edmonton. We met up with some friends, and where … Continue reading

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Lighthouse Park as seen by a 5 year old

When I was taking pictures at Light house park this December, C was using my point and shoot to take a few pictures of his own.  I had forgotten until I went to pull some more recent pictures off the … Continue reading

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Smith Crossing to try out the Camera

Before the snow started the boys and I headed out to Smith Crossing to take some pictures.  It was a lot of fun.  They discussed what they would be taking a pictures of and had lots of fun.  All was … Continue reading

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New Camera

I love my point and shoot camera.  It goes anywhere, gets wet, takes a hit and still takes pictures.  This summer there were a few times I needed a lot more zoom, pictures where blurry or the color was a … Continue reading

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Planning to Learn Photography

I have been blogging for just over a month now, and as much as I enjoy writing, I am also really enjoying seeing pictures of adventures others are on all over the world.  With so many great pictures I have been … Continue reading

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