Painting the Boler

Tent to become the temporary paint booth

Tent to become the temporary paint booth

Day 1

I started by cleaning the floor and pulling the boler into the tent.  Then a couple last minute touches, sanding, bondo, and I had used an entire day, so no painting today.  (I thought this was all done when I left)

Ready for Paint

Ready for Paint

Day 2

I started by cleaning the trailer and tent.  Then washed the Boler to make sure it was free of oils.  I then got out the compressor, primer and paint gun.  By the end of the day the primer was on the trailer.

I had made sure nothing was by the door of the tent, in case of overspray, but didn’t think to check behind the tent.  A little bit of paint got on the Camaro, but is washed off.

Little overspray washed off the Camaro

Little over-spray washed off the Camaro

Primer on Trailer

Primer on Trailer

Day 3

Finally time to add some paint.  I taped plastic off a roll the the belly band of the trailer.  Painted the bottom in the morning, and when the paint was dry to the touch in the evening flipped the plastic down and painted the bottom.

I had read about the $50 paint job, so a second paint project started on an older Chevy truck.  I helped a little, but the bulk of the work was done by my brother in-law.

$50 paint job costs $130 with sand paper, tape, paint thinner and all other supplies.

$50 paint job costs $130 with sand paper, tape, paint thinner and all other supplies.

Day 4

About the same as day 3, started on the top as it was already taped, then did the bottom.  The paint started looking good.

13 First coat of paint sprayed on our Boler

Day 5

Noticed that the green had settled on the top of the white, as the door to the tent was closed.  Fully taped the top to make sure this didn’t happen again.  After waiting for the paint to be dry to the touch we wheeled it out to make room for the other painting project we had started.


The truck turned out really well, although I left before it was put back together and polished up.

I was really intimidated by the idea of using a spray gun and almost went with a roller, however after completing it I would highly recommend spraying.  It is easy and if you have access to a compressor very cost effective.

It was amazing for someone to offer a place to paint, a compressor and open up their shop with all there tools for this project.  A gift I am grateful for.




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