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With my Boler project woven through this blog, I though putting it all in one place would make it easier to follow.  Why I want a Boler

After Watching the internet and calling for over a year, November 2011 I was off to pick up our new Boler.

Our Boler at the start

Our Boler at the start of the Project



It is a 1974, built in Ontario.  It was modified to work as a coffee stand.  I can’t find much on the history of the trailer, or of it’s life as a coffee stand.   It needed lots of work as you can see.


To bring it home I used magnetic lights, and took a beautiful ferry trip.  The trailer cost an extra $18 on the ferry, as the standard rate only covers 23 ft, so I had to pay for an extra 3 feet.  Being low I didn’t have to pay any over height fee.

Bringing our Boler Home

I don’t think anyone was impressed when I brought this beater home, and even less impressive when you stepped inside and got hit with the musty smell.

I was still excited, and tucked it into the garage.

Beater boler in the garage

To get it into the I had to deflate the tires a little.  After a closer inspection the project was a little bigger than I thought it would be.  I was also surprised to learn the bed was only 1/2 an inch shorter than I am tall, making it a better fit than I thought it would be.

I pulled some stuff out of the inside and put a fan in, hoping to dry it out a little.  It had just been redone, so I am hoping that a little work would get it usable and I could fix it up as we camped in it.


Waiting to the weekend to get started was tough, but I was ready, although not sure for what, with no idea where to start, what to do, or even how to do it, I started on the project.

I pulled anything that wasn’t fasten down out of the trailer,  as well as the fiberglass furniture.

All the metal pieces (chrome or aluminum) had been painted black, with the paint flaking off I started removing these pieces and cleaning them with steel wool.

Licence plate hold boler

I drilled out any rivets I could find, and removed any bolt or screw I could (many had rusted together, before being painted over previously).

The shell had been damaged badly when it was converted into a coffee shop, some of the holes had been covered, the holes where the kitchen should be (that was missing on this project) had been covered only on the inside with yoga mat.  This allowed water in behind and of course mould.

inside as I stripped the Boler

The more I was taking it apart, the more it smelled, and the bigger the project looked.  With this I started pulling the insulation back in a couple of places, and it was wet.

With the project growing, I decided to pull off the windows and door.  As I moved the door, water poured out the window onto the floor, adding the the smell now in the garage.

At this point I decided to rip out all the insulation and pull it off the frame, as there would be no way to work on it while we camped.12-12-pics-166

Over the next while I worked on the project, with not much room in the garage, and scraping the fiberglass shell clean taking forever, progress was slow.  In the picture above you can see the hole in the back and side cut into the shell that need to be repaired.

Progress slowly gave way to learning and planning the project, as my lack of the necessary skills to finish put roadblocks up in so many different places in this project.

At this point a friend offered space in his shop for the project, an amazing and generous offer.  With that it was time to pack it up and move it to his shop.

Moving the trailer

Moving the trailer

Getting the trailer up on the lift only showed more issues with the trailer.

12-12-damage to front fiberglass trailerRemoving the tape on the front bottom of the porta-potti cabinet I found more fiberglass damage.

With that we lifted the shell up onto his workbench, revealing the frame, add welding to the skills I lack.

Old Boler Frame


With that I started sanding the shell, after a few days of sanding I purchased a dual action sander, much faster I sanded for a few more days (this was much more work than it should be on any other trailer).

12-03-Boler on work bench

With the trailer away from the house, it was harder to get to and work on.  With the project dragging out, planning was the only area of real progress, but with summer approaching a new motivation has found this project.

A friend has offered to help with the project, so I hooked up the trailer to drop it off at his work, so he can weld up the frame.

Geting the frame repaired


I also noticed that princess auto had a 50% off sale on 7″ round Led taillights, so I picked a couple of them up.

This was a major turning point in the project,  as next couple weeks where the catalyst that lead to this project getting done, as in hindsight, at this point it didn’t look like it would ever get done, although I was blind to that fact.

See the Green Boler Rebuild page 2

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