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Searching the web for trailer options, I found site lists the best way to find many of the options I would not have otherwise been able to.  I have created this page to help organize the lists of sites too often hiding on the internet.


Of course you can check out our trailer on this site, or the renovation by clicking here

Boler Sites     With information and too many forums to discuss this is an amazing place to get information on any thing related to fiberglass trailers.  If you can not find it here, post in one of the forums as a wealth of information can be found in this group.     A great site with some information about Boler’s and some modifications outlined, along with pictures of many different Boler’s.     Don’t forget to search facebook for Boler groups.  There are a few great groups, with lots of great ideas and a community ready to help you source the hard to find part or solution.

Renovation Blogs (and such)  A great site with lots of details of a unique Boler rebuild, also in Alberta.  Lots of great pictures of a BC based Boler renovation.   Great set of pictures following a restoration.  Picture of a Boler renovation,  Pictures of three different Boler renovation projects.



Scamp     With the same basic shape as a Boler, almost anything you need for your trailer can be purchased here.   I bought my windows here.

I find I end up getting many parts for a local RV dealer and Princess Auto.

Most of the parts I used came from local big box stores or Princess Auto.

Window seal.  The window seal can be purchased from any local glass store.


New Trailers

Escape     Built in Chilliwack, a local company with beautiful trailers.

Armadillo (Boler) A BC trailer company making a 13′ trailer based on the Boler.

Bigfoot     Another BC trailer company, who also makes fiberglass campers.

Scamp     An American company that makes a new trailer very similar to the Boler (Started out making Boler’s).  They also make a 13′ model, which is getting harder to find.  Also many of the parts sold online also fit the Boler, huge bonus.

Trillium     Another company still making a 13′ model fiberglass trailers, this one out of Calgary.  Very nice little trailer.

Livin’ Lite by Quicksilver     Ok, these are not fiberglass, or closely related to the Boler, but very cool.  Light and all aluminum they are different and worth checking out.

Chalet     A hard-sided pop up is rare, and these are light weight and look easy to tow.

Aliner     A hard-sided pop up trailer.

Alto      These are a modern reinvention of the tear drop trailer.  Stylish, light and easy to tow, I am sure a trailer like this would attract attention.  I have only seen one on the Road here in BC, would love to check out the inside in person.  This small, light trailer can sleep a family of four and is defiantly unique.


Boler Rentals British Columbia



  1. Margaret Jones

    We have a 1973 or 4 Boler that the back top was crushed in a snow sliding off a roof. We are unable to repair this ourselves because of age and disabilities. Would someone out there be willing to buy this from us? Boler is located in Monroe, Oregon and needs to be moved. It was a wonderful little trailer and we spent some wonderful time in it. We just can’t see it parted out when everything is there. I did take the cushions out and they are in AZ, If interested please e-mail me at or call me at 928-530-9100. Can get pictures to anyone that my be interested.

  2. hi, would like to raise my 1971 boler for ground clearance, looking for ideas on axle replacement or upgrades. thx Tim

    • Hi Tim. I haven’t looked into this too much. If you check out, he put an adjustable axle on. I have seen others take the existing axle and weld a spacer between it and the frame. Another I saw convert to leaf springs. From what I have read a torsion axle seems to be the best, however reversed as on the proud-canadian site. Any option good option seems to involve welding. Would love to see what you decide and why.

  3. May

    Looking for a door latch for my 1980 boler, and also some door hinges

  4. Nathan Kneisel

    Were looking to get our boler a new heater and wiring. Wondering if you have any recommendations?

    Nathan Kneisel

    • I did redo the wiring in our Boler, I found a breaker out of an old camper and would add usb ports as we use them more than anyother outlet.

      As for a heater, I have yet to find any good solutions. The propane furnaces available work great, but are much more than the trailer needs, expensive and use up lots of space that would be good for storage. We use a big buddy propane heater, but can only run it for short periods of time, as it is not vented and not safe to run all night. We also have a small electric heater that worked great, the one night we had hookups, but all the electrical options seem to have a draw too large to run on batteries over night. A 12 volt electric blanket has been suggested? I did make a candle heater, it does keep the trailer warmer, but not enough on a cold night. This question has been debated on forums and I have yet to find an answer I like, but I am still looking. I once came across an oil lamp that had been vented outside in a tear drop trailer, claiming to be enough for a small trailer? Haven’t tested the idea though.

      Good luck with your project.

  5. Ac

    Hi, I am thinking of either selling or fixing my 1972 Boler. It has a sagging door and I understand that it could be a frame issue. I had someone looked at it and they thought it was just the hinge (it was pulling down on the insulation on the inside) and they told me not to worry. But I would really like to know for sure. I took a couple pictures of the frame and it doesn’t seem to be cracked that I can see, but I can see what may be bolt holes (with no bolts) that I am not sure if bolts are supposed to be there or not. If it is missing bolts then that is a different problem then a bent frame…I would really like to know what is causing the issue. On the fibrerglass over the wheel on the drivers side is also indented and has a small crack. The Boler has been sitting for years. I would like to know for sure what the issue is, but I am not sure how to get honest info. I need to know because if I do sell it, I want to be sure of what I am selling so I can be fair or if I keep it (because it is awesome), I would like too know if it is safe and what I need to do to fix it. I am just not knowledgeable on this type of stuff. I bought this boler many years ago…loved it…but it developed the saggy door and I have parked it ever since because I don’t know what is causing it. Please help me if you can.

    • The doors on all of them sag, not something to worry about. The frames tend to rust out from the inside, so many times having them inspected misses potential issues, it is a weak point of these trailers. The fiberglass crack is a simple fix and not a concern. The trailer was usually lag bolted or screwed in from the top, so the holes would not be visible. Since the frames can be an issue having it inspected or reinforced is best. This needs to be done in person, so finding someone locally is probably your best bet. Where are you located?

      • Ac

        Thank you so much for replying! I really appreciate your information. I can see bolt holes on the frame, with no bolts, but the frame doesn’t seem very bad for rust. I value your help, but if I could possibly email with you without it being on a public site, I would like to do so. This is the first time I have ever done this and I am not comfortable with it. Regardless, you are really awesome for replying. I really like my little Boler, and I want it safe for me or anyone else. I plan to take a bunch of pictures of the frame this weekend. Again, thanks!

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