Tips, tricks and storage ideas

Tips and tricks

Working on these trailers I have found a few things that have made a big difference, and other things that are too often not know, here I will try  to make sense of them;


Make it safe, then camp.

If I started my project now I would do many things differently.  Camping in these trailers (as long as it is safe), is the best way to plan the project.  I needed  sink, that we have never used.  I take the stove out, as I wouldn’t cook in it.  I would get rid of the dinette, make a bed and accessible storage next time.  Your own experience is the best way to find out what you really want.


Lath Screw.

Rebuilding the trailer I often needed a screw.  I found lath screws worked great for so many uses they became a must have.  These screws have a flat head, leaving a mostly flush finish.  The threads are self taping, and grab onto fiberglass, plastic, wood or metal.  These made many parts of the project much easier, and I now keep ever size of these screws in bulk in my shop.


Lubricate your rivet gun

Before my Boler I had never used a rivet gun, and for the first while it constantly jammed up.  I became skilled at quickly rebuilding it, but searching for a better solution on the internet learned you should lubricate it regularly, which after reading seemed obvious.  At first I kept this quiet, as it was something I should have know.  Since I have met many Boler owners who also didn’t know to lubricate the rivet gun and had the same problem I had.


Drill holes in the bottom of the Door

Many Bolers’ end up with warped doors, for many reasons.  One is water collecting in the bottom of the door.  Drilling holes is one way to get the water out, but these holes also make it easy to see if water is getting into the door and a seal needs work.


Inspect your frame

The Boler frame is the weakness of the trailer, if it hasn’t yet been replaced it has likely been repaired.  Breaking on the road can ruin your trip, trailer and in the case of a complete failure can lead to a bad collision.  Make sure you inspect the frame regularly, looking for any damage.


Check your safety chains

So far both Bolers I have purchased, I pulled the safety chains off.  One the bolt holding it on broke, the other the chain itself broke.  If I can pull them off, they would provide nothing in the event they were required while towing.  I would encourage anyone getting one of these trailers to check, the second it takes can save much more.


Lubricate the coupler


After a little towing my tow ball was rusty, and the coupler was starting to stick.  I found adding a little multi purpose lube where the ball meets the coupler not only makes it all work better and tow quieter, but also took the rust off the tow ball.


Add safety equipment

These trailers were sold before a lot of modern safety requirements.  I would consider a fire extinguisher, smoke detector, co2 detector and propane sensor (although I don’t have a propane detector).


Eco epoxy

For most fiberglass work normal resign is fine.  However I tried eco epoxy and it outperforms in every way.  It sticks better to what you are fiberglassing, doesn’t stick to the brush as must.  It holds it shape better and doesn’t smell.  If you have an idea that your fiberglass skills aren’t quite refined enough for, using this stuff will make dramatically improve the results your current skills can achieve.


Closet Storage

I added shelves to the closet, cut a pine board to size, stained it and used lath screws through the fiberglass to attach it, a $20 modification.  The bottom shelf I cut out an opening to access the storage underneath it.

Bottom Shelf of the Closet with insert.

Bottom Shelf of the Closet with insert.

The bottom shelf center lifts out so things can be stored below.

The bottom shelf center lifts out so things can be stored below.

You have to put an Ikea bin in the closet to be a trendy Boler own it seems.

You have to put an Ikea bin in the closet to be a trendy Boler own it seems.

With the closet done, the space at the top of the closet was wasted, so I added another shelf, then cut a hole to access it.  This worked great for storing keys, flashlights and the other odds and ends that cluttered up the trailer.

Top shelf in the closet

Top shelf in the closet

Finished Access Hole

Finished Access Hole



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    Love the cupboards on this. I am hoping to do something similar with the 1974 boler I just bought. Thanks for the blog!

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