Different Boler Ideas

So far I have only built two trailers, but have so many ideas I would love to try out.  Here are a few, although not yet tested it would be fun to see them come to life.

Bigger Boler Beds


My thought was since I didn’t have a kitchen anyway, I would build a smaller one and extend the dinette on that side over.  The only choice then was whether to notch out the closet, or leave it for more storage.

boler floor plan Boler Bunk Extention Ideas

With our trailer done, and being 6’7″, I find the bed fine with the minor changes we made.


I also lacked the proper table hardware, so I sketched this up s one possible solution.

Boler Table Extention Idea Boler Table Extention Idea


Thoughts on changing up the front bunk

1. I like having the porta potti under the front couch.

2. On our trailer I made the countertop go all the way to the front of the trailer, this made for a very strong mount for the bunk bed (I am over 200lbs and I can safely go up there).

3.A table at the front is nice, I would consider making a flip down table, of have the middle of the couch pop up to accomplish this, as I don’t want to have to store a table.

4. I made the front bunk and the counter the same height, this creating a large counter when the bunk is not in use.

5. I have seen vintage trailers use a fabric bunk. If I wanted the option of a bunk this would be a different, lite way to add a bunk, and should be comfortable without the need for cushions. It was also be different as I have never seen it done in the front of one of these trailers.

6. I added a magnetic screen door to our Boler, this is also a support for the top bunk. This is different, but has worked very well.

7. If it was going to be used as a bunk all the time, dropping down the lower bed and giving up the couch option would give the lower bunk a lot more room, and make it work longer, as the kids grow it would fit longer. You could even stack the bunks on the floor at the front, making a seat when down (sitting on the top bunk), and when it is lifted you would have much more room in the bottom bunk.

A shower is a nice option, but have settled so far on an outdoor shower tent.  I did however work on a plan to install one where the kitchen is now.  Being taller than the trailer it was to be a sitting shower, with a curtain, however this would mean giving up the fridge so this plan didn’t go far.

I have many more sketches and random ideas, as I come across them I will post them here.

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