Boler Trailers

After searching and over researching trailers I decided we should get a Boler for the family and that is what started everything.

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The first trailer, our green Boler was a huge project and is the trailer we still use.  To see the project check out the blog on the home tab, or on the links below; (I am working to get more information and correct the order)

Green Boler Project Page 1           Green Boler Project Page 2          Green Boler Project Page 3          Green Boler Project Page 4          Green Boler Project Page 5



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I happened to find a beautiful little red trailer, which became our second project, to see this project you can check the blog or the links below;

Red Boler Project Day 1 to 10          Red Boler Project Day 11 to 20          Red Boler Project Day 21 to 23          Red Boler Finished Pictures




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We also made a paper Boler model template; For that and other templates click here.


And have posted a collection of interesting Boler and small trailer links.


  1. This is terrific! I am so happy to see another blogger venturing forth and restoring a vintage camper like we are! Good luck on your adventures! 🙂

    • Maybe bloggers restoring trailers will catch on. I was happy to find your site, as it fun to watch other projects, so many great ideas:) Thanks for visiting my site.

  2. spoonbeams

    Wow! Thanks for the like and sharing your site with me. Not only do I love your Boler — I never heard of one before — you’ve also shown me how to use categories to organize my site. I wish my kids would grow younger with me so we could have more family adventures. Enjoy!

    • Thank you 🙂 Kids at every age are great for adventures, then come grand kids and it starts again. I always find myself missing the last stage, enjoying the current, and planning bigger adventures for the next.

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  4. Thank you for checking out my blog. Your Boler is adorable. I love those colors. I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures.

  5. CR

    I have a 1971 Boler and I want to register it in Texas but Texas requires a VIN Number physically on the trailer. I have looked all over the trailer but cannot find one. I do have the
    VIN Number on my registration. Do you know where the VIN number is located or did it even have one on the trailer itself. Appreciate any info you can give me.


    • My first trailer came with a 4 digit VIN, other trailers in different provinces also shared it’s VIN number. With this it was no where to be found on the trailer. To fix this I had someone come issue a new serial number. The serial number on both Bolers after reissue where both on the tongue, where it was originally I do not know.

      My guess would be to look on the website for the state and see if they can send someone out to check the trailer and add the serial number (I know here I am not allowed to do it myself). Good luck, hopefully you can get it registered and out camping!

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  7. pat

    hi , im redoing a boler too. Just wondering what you used and where you got your black belly band.? Looks good!

    • It is the original aluminum belly band. The metal pieces on this trailer where dented up pretty good, so I straightened it up, used steel wool to help smooth it out, then used a primer and metal paint. The paint hides the small imperfections I couldn’t get out. I imagine you could bend a piece of aluminium to make a new one, or look for trim that would fit (maybe from a glass shop?).

      Good luck with your project, it should be fun!

  8. I love your Boler and am amazed at all the work you have done. You inspire my husband and I. We just bought a 75 Burro and have a big project ahead of us. I love how your boys are always around helping and learning. What great adventures you have and what memories!

  9. Krista Oestreich

    Hey, Where are you finding all of these project bolers?
    Are they in pretty great shape when you find them? Or are they pretty rough? I am looking for one that is in great working condition but in a rough way appearance wise so I can do my own THANG.

    Just thought I’d ask. Needing advice!

    • The first trailer was really rough, and I searched for over a year for it. The second I was just lucky, was searching for a utility trailer when it was just posted, and called right away. It is tough to find a good price as when the deals come up the don’t last a day. I have heard of people having good luck asking about trailers that look abandoned or in the way on peoples property that aren’t advertised. They are popular, went away this weekend, saw more than 20 on the road, more than ever before.

      Good luck in your search!!

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