Medicine Lake, Jasper

Medicine Lake Viewpoint

Medicine Lake Viewpoint

The road to Maligne Lake had reopened, so we drove up to take a look.  The burnt forest was visible around the Medicine Lake turn off.

Aftermath of the recent forest fires. Medicine Lake, Jasper, Alberta, Canada.

Aftermath of the recent forest fires.

Aftermath of the forest fire.

Aftermath of the forest fire.

Even with all the burnt trees, it is still a beautiful area.

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  1. Max Thomson

    HI Chris, thank you for your blog and for posting this article. I have forwarded these photo’s to a closed group on facebook -“Jasper Alberta In The Good Old Days – A place to share your memories”. It is a group of old timers, who have called Jasper home, past and present. I rarely go home and once in awhile a wave of nostalgia hits me and when I saw your photo’s on the Maligne Range I was shocked to see the devastation but smiled at so many childhood memories. Thank you so much for your blog. It is a great read.

    • Thanks for letting me know you passed on the photos, I am glad to . Jasper would be an amazing place to call home, I am optimistic in the future I will get the opportunity to call the mountains home. It was devastating, but am looking forward to taking pictures in the near future as the area recovers, and becomes just as beautiful as it ever was.