Manning Park Snowboarding Day 1

View from the trailer

I love adventuring with the family, however when a friend called this week and asked if I wanted to spend Easter weekend at Manning Park Snowboarding it sounded like a great idea (Especially since we would be back in time for the Easter Bunny to stop by for the boys).  I have spent a lot of time at Manning Park in the summer and loved it!  It would be great to see the park in the winter!

About 8 years ago for my birthday my sister took me snowboarding at Cypress (one of the local hills), for an afternoon and that is my only experience snowboarding.  That trip I learned to go side to side down the hill, and crash on the smallest jumps.  I have never been skiing, so i am defiantly in a beginner.

Pulling into the ski area just before lunch on the Thursday before the long weekend and last weekend of the season, it was quiet (If I fall on the mountain and there is no one there to see it??).  We were staying in a fifth wheel, that is nothing like my trailer (we measured and my Boler is just a couple feet too long to fit inside the toy hauler room of this trailer, which on this trip would be my room).

We unpacked, geared up and I was off for a lesson.  Since I was the only one waiting for a lesson it was by default up graded to private.  Garth (hope I spelled it right) was a great teacher, after an hour on the novice hill learning to stop, go side to side, turn (learning how to turn doesn’t mean I can turn still crashing 50% of the time I tried) and use the rope tow, it was time to head up the chair lift and try a real run.

This was fun!!!  Only crashing when I attempted a turn or when my legs got tired from this new position on the board.  The views from the mountain where amazing.  Immediately across from the ski hill was the sky Line trail, a trail the follows the tops of mountains across each ridge.  I love this trail and have great memories of doing Skyline trail with my Dad when I was younger.  At times there was a little snow falling, with mostly sunny skies.  Snowboarding was fun, more so than I expected and just being there on the mountain was amazing in itself.

Looking back in the ski Lift

Now it is time to get off the ski lift, I shifted forward and got ready, however I didn’t get off fast enough, and rolled down the ramp.  Luckily as far back as I could see there was no one else on the lift, so I had lots of time to get sorted and clear the way.

Paul on top of the Mountain

My first run was also my last as the mountain closes at 4.  Amazing first day!  But surprisingly sore after just one run, nothing the hot tub can’t fix.  Seasons ticket holders get coupons for guests, using these, my equipment rentals, lesson and pass came to $45, all to have this amazing mountain to myself.

Me about to head down the Mountain

Now it’s time for dinner, a hot tub, then relax in the trailer and watch The Edge movie (I have a hard time believing any bear is like that, maybe it’s jaws all over again).  Then it was off to bed, looking forward to two more days on the mountain.

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  1. Love your new place 🙂 very nice!

  2. Love the new blog.. thanks for sharing your adventure with us, I love to read about others’ adventures outdoors..

    my son dislocated his shoulder snowboarding, I am thankful that you had no injury..

    Regarding The Edge, have you ever read about what happened to Timothy Treadwell?

    • Hi Vicki, Thanks for checking out the new site!! Tomorrows post I get a little hurt on the mountain:) Timothy’s death was tragic, and I do agree any Bear (especially Grizzly Bears) can be dangerous. I have seen many bears, they have always been scared of us, and since kids I have got protection I carry, I still have a hard time believing one would stalk an adult over a couple days. Until kids I never worried about Bears, now I have a hard sided trailer to keep the family safe.