Paper Toy Templates

The boys where having fun coloring and playing with toy paper cars, however after searching the internet with no luck for vintage trailers, I made a few templates for the boys.


13 P2 Our Boler Model interior PaperOur 1974 13′ Boler

This paper toy template is made to look like our Boler, custom windows and all.



DSCF4076Shasta Trailer

This paper toy trailer template was made from a few pictures found on the internet of smaller Shasta trailers, all with the fin.  I love the look they have and the bright colors they are often painted make them fun to color.

DSCF4152Teardrop Trailer

After a request for a trailer with a kitchen we drew up this on.  It can be build like the others, or cut out the doors and rear hatch and add the bed and kitchen included with this template.


1969 model winnebage paper toy interior1969 Winnebago Motorhome

This was my first attempt at an interior for one of the vintage RV’s and am very happy with how it turned out.  It is modeled after a 1969 and the floor plan also follows an available option for that year.


As long as the boys keep playing with them, I will keep posting new ones.  If you happen to build any please let us know, would love to see others have fun building these.


  1. We did it for a homeschooling project! Then shared it ( and your link) to our business page Eternity Trailer on Face Book. Such fun! We will try more as our daughter really liked it! She even took her camera outside with them and shot the picture 🙂 thanks, Julie Schoemig

  2. Even in Holland we are busy folding papers into caravans /trailers! I will put this link on my facebook page so everyone can enjoy it. Thanks a lot!

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