Tiny Sailboat

The boys love bath toys at home, and boats to play with when camping.

This little sail boat is great as it can be built quickly, and out of stuff you can find around the house of campsite.  The best part is it is small, we have packed around large boats before and a pocket sized boat is much nicer when traveling.

Cork Sailboat Craft



Keel – A coin makes a great keel.  For a small sail a penny works great, as the sail gets bigger so does the required coin.

Boat – A cork makes a great boat.  If no cork is available any wood that can easily be made to take a mast and keel is a good option.  A scrap from the firewood pile is were most of my wood boats started when I was little.

Mast – A few options for the mast are; tooth pick, small stick, Q-tip or small doweling.

Sail – A couple things that work well for the sail are; wax paper, tin foil, leaf, thin plastic, anything light that will catch the wing and not be ruined by the water.

How to build

To build just cut a slit in the bottom of the cork to hold the coin, and make another on top for the mast.  For a small sail a penny will work, but our sail was too big so we went with a quarter to keep it up right.  Any stick will work for the mask, (a Q-tip or toothpick also work).  For this boat we used wax paper for the sail as it didn’t get wrecked in the water, however we will build another with a leaf sail (we have no leaves here right now).

I also plan to build this with the boys with things we find around the campsite this summer and will post those pictures as well.