Make A Paper Car

Making paper cars from templates can be fun, however kids get something from doing something all by themselves.  With that I drew out these steps so the boys could create a paper car from nothing.

For complete templates click here.        13 P2 Our Boler Model interior Paper        1969 model winnebage paper toy interior        Paper Shasta Trailer  and more.

Step 1

Find a rectangle around they can trace (if they are able drawing a rectangle is also good)


Step 2

Trace 3 rectangles onto a sheet of paper

step 2

Step 3

Trace the short lines on the end of the middle rectangle

Step 4

Close these lines to make a box

step 3

Step 5

Draw tabs on the outside rectangles (these tabs will be used to glue the paper car together)

paper toy blank template 4

Step 6

Draw Wheels on the outside rectangles

paper toy blank template

Step 7

Draw the car.  The middle rectangle is the top, the outside rectangles are the sides and the squares make the front and back.

Step 8

Cut out around the outside of the paper car

Step 9

Fold the outside rectangles and squares down to make the car

Step 10

Glue the tabs to the inside of the squares to hold the car together

Or you can print these templates

paper toy blank template 4

paper toy blank template


paper toy blank template 3


  1. Samantha

    Your trucks suck. I hate them. The tabs don’t align so you can’t make them look nice. I get it’s supposed to be fun for kids but they get really frustrated when they can’t do it and I can’t help them. Sorry but I do not like your paper trucks.

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