Easy Crafts

Crafts are a fun way for kids to learn, here are a couple of the crafts my boys really enjoyed.

Make a paper car

A simple way to draw out your own paper car, making whatever you want.  The boys like this often better than the templates as it is their creation.



Balloon Powered Boat

Make a Simple Power Boat Toy

Powered by an elastic or a balloon these boats where fun to build, and the boys had even more fun playing with them and working on ways to make them go faster.




Cork Sailboat Craft

Tiny Sailboat

These little sailboats are easy to build with things you find around the house or campsite and are small enough the kids can pack them to the lake or a puddle to play.


Popsicle and Q-tip bow and arrow

Paper mache

Write your own pop up book

Also check out our Paper Car Templates and Coloring Pages


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