Jughead Island Hike

Kids hike up a hill at Belcarra

Belcarra is an amazing local park, and today with some friends it once again made for a great day.

The trail to Jughead Island is 5.5 km, with many hills.  Big trees, beautiful west coast rain forest and the rare glimpse of the surrounding water.  With the boys having a friend along, they were often running up ahead, back, jumping and anything else that could make he trip a little harder.  With that, they all made it to the beach at the end, and Jughead Island.

Beach and Jughead Island

The beach was a great spot for a long rest.  We ate, threw rocks in the ocean, watched the boats and explored the beach.  On the beach we found a dead octopus, lots of little crabs, barnacles, a couple little eels, starfish, some gooey animal I could not identify and lots of seaweed.  This beach is alive with life, which is so rare on many of the beaches today.

Eel on sand

After a long break it was time to head back, making it an 11 km hike. Everyone did great (both 3 year olds and a 4 year old). all making it with energy to spare to the end.  Lots of laughing, running and exploring made for a great trip!


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  1. Sounds like a great place. I’m from the island where every beach has wildlife, it was so dissappointing moving here and not being able to go catch crabs with my kids. Where is Jughead Island??

  2. what a wonderful outing..