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This catagory will include all outdoor adventures, those with and without the kids. These should include, hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, sailing, snowshoeing, snowboarding and anything else that catches our eye and seems like fun.

Big Hill Springs Provincial Park

Wanting to see want was around our new community, the closest hike we found online was Big Hill Springs Provincial Park.  Only a few minutes west of our home, we headed out after dinner to check it out. The boys … Continue reading

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Canmore for Dinner!

After living away from the mountains so long, it is amazing to be near them again.  With our new home mostly in order from the move we picked up the boys  and headed to Canmore for dinner.  Scoping out the … Continue reading

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Pyramid Lake, Jasper

With the last day being a travel day, we headed to Pyramid lake, so the boys could play, and we could all have lunch, and enjoy being here for a little longer before heading home.  It is a nice spot, … Continue reading

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Lac Beauvert, Jasper

The next day we wanted to explore, but still avoid any big hikes.  We decided to go to Lac Beauvert, I set up a lawn chair and the boys put their swimsuits on.  when I woke up I heard they … Continue reading

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Athabasca Glacier, Jasper

Since Beauty creek wasn’t too far away from the visitors centre, we drove down to check it out.  They do have an exhibit, but it was being redone.  The boys had fun, and the icefields parkway is always an amazing … Continue reading

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Beauty Creek, Jasper

A hike I had over look, we ended up hiking beauty creek.  This trail was amazing and with few people nice and quiet.  I can’t really say much more, it was amazing.  

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Maligne Lake, Jasper

Maligne Lake is always a beautiful place to stop for a walk.  We say a deer here (this time it didn’t charge).

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Medicine Lake, Jasper

The road to Maligne Lake had reopened, so we drove up to take a look.  The burnt forest was visible around the Medicine Lake turn off. Even with all the burnt trees, it is still a beautiful area.

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Long Weekend In Jasper

We have spent lots of time in the Rockies since moving to Alberta, but not much in the Icefields Parkway, and not enough in Jasper.  This summer we planned to fix this. With forest fires burning in the park we … Continue reading

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Atlas Coal Mine

I had seen the Atlas Coal Mine on tv and wanted to check it out.  On arrival C really wanted to go on a tour, which was a huge change from last year, were he begged not to. With the … Continue reading

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