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Canmore for Dinner!

After living away from the mountains so long, it is amazing to be near them again.  With our new home mostly in order from the move we picked up the boys  and headed to Canmore for dinner.  Scoping out the … Continue reading

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Boler Gets a New Tug

This year I wanted to get something a little bigger to tow the trailer, so we can throw bikes, canoe and other toys on as well.  Since this vehicle will only be for camping (I will use a company truck … Continue reading

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Summers over, back to the Blog

Between working and camping there has been no time for the blog over the summer, as the summer winds down, with only a few camping days left it is time to sort the pictures, repair the trailer and plan our … Continue reading


Posting a few more stops from our summer vacation

  This time every year I sort through and organize our photos.  We had so many amazing trips. As winter is now here, it was great to see our summer adventures, and pointed out that I have not yet finished … Continue reading

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Updated Boler information

With many questions on Boler details, I have realized that digging through the blog is not an effective way to see the projects, so I have worked on organizing both my projects, and the answers I have given others on … Continue reading

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First visit to the Royal Tyrrell Museum

I have never been to Drumheller, the badlands or the Royal Tyrrell Museum.  The only exhibit on dinosaurs I ever saw was at Science world when I was younger.  With only a short stop in Drumheller on the way to … Continue reading

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Purple Cow sighting

As a kid there was an old silly poem book, with two about purple cows, well I finally saw a purple cow, it was a converted Airstream trailer in a small town as we traveled through southern Alberta.

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Checking out the Quicksilver Livin Lite Trailers in Edmonton

  After our first weekend away I was working on the Boler in the garage.  I opened the roof vent (which I know not to do) and got distracted.  A little while later I opened the garage door, but I … Continue reading

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Negative Web Reviews of Edmonton

I still remember when moving here, determined to explore the outdoors in and around Edmonton.  With maps showing lots of water but no details I turned to the internet, and found a huge list of horribly negative comments, with little … Continue reading

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Historic Townsite of Fort Steele

While visiting Cranbrook it was suggested we check out Fort Steele, a town that popped up in the late 1800’s during the BC gold rush. I was surprised at the size of the town, expecting something much smaller.  We started … Continue reading

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