Bike Parks

With an amazing list of local riding many great bike parks have popped up, great for small kids to get out and have fun on their bikes.  Here are a few;

The ones my kids tried;

South Surrey Bike Park

Cloverdale Bike Park


Other Bike Parks in the Vancouver Area;


Mountain Air Bike Skills Park

Taylor Park Family Area (Beginners Bike Park)



Town Centre Park



Delta Water Shed (although not a bike park, many built areas can be found along the trails)



Aldergrove Bike Park

Penzer Bike Skills Park

Willoughby Bike Park


North Vancouver

Inter-River Bike Park


Port Coquitlam

Bike Skills Park



Invergarry Bike Park

Cloverdale Bike Park

South Surrey Bike Park


Some skateboard parks also support riding so it is also worth looking into those options in your area.


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