Canoeing is a great way to get outdoors with the kids.  They can paddle as hard as they want, or relax, either way you are never waiting for them.  If calm gets a little boring, light rapids and a few portages can add some excitement and challenge to the day.

E paddling from the bow.


With our boys until they were both walking the canoe didn’t work for them, what the issue was I will never know.  However once E was 2 canoeing became the easiest way to explore the outdoors with them.

12 08 P6 Jasper Maligne Lake canoe

We use a larger, wider canoe.  This is a little slower, but makes it much stabler and it comfortably carries the weight of all four of us and any gear we decide to bring (the same canoe my parents took me out in when I was little).  Last time we wanted to rent a canoe the rental shop only had smaller options, which they said maxed out at 2 adults and one child.

Our first trips were on lakes, or slow moving creeks, however our last outing we did paddle up some mild rapids, and back down.  With our move to Alberta, we will likely be paddling a lot more rivers.

12 09 Terwillegar Park North Saskatchewan river valley Edmonton Alberta

This is a very affordable hobby to get into (canoes are cheap if bought second hand, and require almost no maintenance), just pack some food, sunscreen, sunglasses, paddles, canoe and life jackets.  This is also a great way to introduce kids to back country camping, as the canoe does the hauling.

Canoeing in Alberta

Canoeing in British Columbia

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