The beach is an amazing place to take the kids, even in the winter or on a rainy day this is a favorite place to play.

Ocean Beaches.  Visiting the ocean is fun, especially when you can get away from the crowded city beaches and explore where it is quiet and the beach is still alive.  The sound of the waves and the experience of just being there is amazing all in itself, however kids are unlikely to sit, so start exploring.  The beach usually has tidal pools full of life, rocks that when turned over leave crabs, fish, eels, octopus and more for the kids to see (of course being careful not to hurt these animals).

I have seen whales, eagles, seals and otters along the shores many times.

Any Beach.

When I hear beach I immediately  think of the ocean, however lakes, rivers and creeks also often have great beaches and are a fun place to take the family.  Some of the things we like to do at the beach are;

Exploring the beach always finds something, and is great to watch what they see and find interesting.

Skip Rocks is a simple skill that is always a hit with our boys, and when they struggle we just throw rocks, often trying to hit a floating log or some other target.  It always amazes me how much fun simply throwing rocks is for the boys

Boats, raft, canoe, sailboat or ski boat all offer a fun and different beach experience.  If their are no nice beaches or you prefer somewhere quieter they also provide a way to play where the crowds will not follow.

Picnic or BBQ not only allows you to stay longer, but our boys enjoy anything more if it includes food.

Playing in the sand is great fun, a bucket and shovel can entertain our boys for hours, through in a toy boat and they never want to leave.

Swimming is fun, although I find the boys just enjoy playing in the water.  Once they were comfortable this became their favorite outdoor activity, often with their toy boats.

Bring a ball to throw around, or play a game is also great fun.  We have brought footballs, soccer balls and a hack y sack, however the list is so much longer.

Kites are fun.  The boys will fly a one string kite for a couple minutes, and will fly a two string for a longer.  Still need to try a four string.

Storm Watching.  When the wind comes up, and the waves get really big the beach is an amazing place to visit, just as long as you use common sense and keep the family safe.

The beach is a great outing, simply pack some food, lots of water, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat and your ready to go.

I am sure the list keeps going, if you have any things your family enjoys at the beach I would love to hear about it?

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