Outdoor Activities with Kids

Kids didn’t change my love of the outdoors, however the did change some of the ways we enjoy it.  Below is a few of the activities we have found as a family.  Check back as this list will update regularly.



Beach is an amazing place at any age, offering a long list of fun activities and a great chance to see wildlife.

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For Beaches in Alberta

For Beaches in British Columbia



Bike Park

These are showing up all over, some dirt, logs, ladders or paved.  These are lots of fun for kids, and the get a lot better at riding alot faster.  With them riding in circles there is no running to keep up.

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Bike Parks around Edmonton

Bike Parks around Vancouver




The boys love speed boats.  This is something their grandpa has taken them out in every year, and they now look forward to it.  From going fast, to just putting around spotting the next exciting bird, animal or even another boat.

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This goes over really well as long as they haven’t been in the speed boat lately.  It is a great way to see fish in the lake and quietly observe wildlife on the shores.

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Canoeing in Alberta

Canoeing in British Columbia




Any rock or stick provides hours of fun, and the idea of sleeping in a tent or trailer seems to be very exciting.  With a little planning we are finding this is also a holiday for us as well.  Kids love to explore, or just play at a new beach or playground.



British Columbia     Bear Creek           Kentucky-Alleyne          Ross Lake


Community Events


Our kids have participated in a couple local races, gone to Canada events and checked out fireworks.    Community events make for a fun a different day.


British Columbia


I love riding.  Currently I only have road bikes, however this will be changing.  The boys love there bikes too, they do a lot of riding around the neighborhood, but we often take them to ride elsewhere.

Alberta     Bike Parks

British Columbia     Sea Wall          Delta Watershed          Bike Parks        Golden Ears Bridge          Mud Bay  Barnston Island     Semour



I have yet to try this, however I have downloaded an app on my phone and plan to give it a try as soon as the snow is gone.

Gold panning

I have no idea how this will work with kids, or even where to start, but it is on my list, so stay tuned and we will find out.

As for locations it seems people are secretive about this hobby, keeping the best places to themselves.


Hacky Sack

My boys still are not able to use it as it is meant to be used, but it’s small and they have lots of fun with it.  It is great to bring along as it takes up no room



Houston Trail        Lynn Valley          Cypress Falls        Deception Pass        Jughead Island          Lighthouse Park          Lower Falls Trail

Hiking with small children I look for flatter and shorter walks.  It is still amazing how many options there are, and the fun things there are to see.  At 4 and 5 the longest hike we have successfully done (they had fun and walked themselves) was 12 km over hilly ground.



One string or two string sites can be picked up for very little and are great fun.   May be in a couple years the boys will be ready for a four string kite (I would love to try one).

Kites and Kids


Nature Centre

A great way for kids to get excited outdoors is to play, learn about what they see and be allowed to share what they have already done.  Stopping by a nature center can be a great way to spend some time with the family, and many of the are free.


British Columbia          Richmond Nature Center


Restaurants lost there appeal for me with two kids,  however food and a seat at a park or beach makes for a much more relaxing meal.  the kids love it, get some energy out and are free to run and play while we finish at a more leisurely pace.






The boys love sledding, whether it is beside our house or while exploring.




Nothing to fast or crazy, but boys love machines.  It is a fun way to get outside, we made a fire and took turns playing.   No playing in the alpine, but it’s lots of fun to see how excited they get.


Snow shoeing


This is a great way to escape those long rainy winter days, just head up into the mountains, rain turns to snow.  It’s a little harder for kids than hiking, just pack lots of snacks and take your time.

Alberta          Elk Island

British Columbia          Seymour



Alberta          White Mud Ravine          Smith Crossing / Mactaggart Sanctuary

British Columbia          Boundary Bay          Richmond Nature          Steveston


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