Big Lake and Sturgeon River

Location;  Big Lake is located North / West of Edmonton and West of St. Albert.  Public access to the lake is from the East at Reil Recreation Park.  The parking lot is located just off to the west of Reil Dr, where it is crossed by Riel Rayborn Crescent.

Cost; No fees

Activities;  Walking, cycling, canoeing, bird watching.

Big lake is the largest lake around Edmonton and St. Albert.  For such a large lake public access is very limited.  Where Stergion river meets the east side of the lake there is a viewing platform, parking lot, place to launch a canoe and access to the trail network that runs along Stergion river.

Last time we visited the lake was full of birds and river had  very small current, making it easy to paddle up stream.  Paddling the river went from feeling alone, to passing ball parks, bridges and eventually buildings.

The trails near the viewing platform are gravel, otherwise the trails by the river are paved and mostly flat.

Names given to the outdoor areas here; Lois Hole Centennial Park, Riel Recreation Park, Sturgeon River

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