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Moving to Edmonton was a big step, leaving ocean, mountains and forests I grew up around.  A new place means many new adventures, and we will continue to find fun places to explore as a family.


13 02 P1 Bison at Elk Island National Park AlbertaElk Island National Park

Elk Island National Park is not in Edmonton, but close enough to drive out for an afternoon. Bison are its main attraction and with lots of other animals, trails, lakes and a great playground for the kids this is always a fun place to visit.

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Government Park (River Valley)

Summer Walking

A park close to down town on the north side of the North Saskatchewan River along the Edmonton River Valley.


Miquelon Lake Provincial Park

Walking Summer

When searching the internet this came up as on of the best swimming lakes around Edmonton.  It is a bit out of town.  With a large swallow lake and ponds full of different animals it is a fun place to visit.  The boys love the playground here as well.


Sturgeon River, Big Lake, Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park, St. Albert

Summer Canoeing          Summer Walk

Big Lake is huge and very close to Edmonton, however access is limited.  We have visited so fr from the Rotary park were Sturgeon River runs into Big Lake.  With lots of birds to see and    lots of trail to walk along the river it is a fun place to visit.


Terwillegar Park (River Valley)

Summer Walking

This is part of the Edmonton River valley and being much less developed I liked it better than most of the other river valley parks we have visited.  It is a dog park, with trails for walking, mountain biking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

White Mud Ravine off 23rd Avenue (Smith Crossing)

Summer          Fall

This is close to our home, and a nice walk.  With creeks heading in a few different directions and diverse types of forest to explore, this is the first place we found in the city to explore.


Wabamun Lake Provincial Park

Swimming Summer

On an internet search this lake kept coming up as a great swimming lake, so we had to check it out.  It is a huge lake, forested park, sandy beach and close to Edmonton making it an easy day trip.  I also saw many sailboats on this lake, something I will have to look into.


Woodlands Water (Spray) Park, ST. Albert


A water park (or spray park) is always a hit with the boys in the summer, and this one is great.  Right beside a playground gives them something to do if they want to change it up as well.





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