British Columbia

British Columbia is a large and amazing place, we have only been to a small percentage of the possibilities, but it’s a start.  Below I have listed them and links to any posts on these spots.  Any locations near Vancouver are listed on the page about the Vancouver Area.


Bear Creek Camping

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Great campsite on Okangoan Lake.  Fun hiking trail beside creek and waterfalls with views of the lake and Kelowna.

Broken Island Kayaking Trip

Link 1 (and next 6 posts)

Kayaking on the West Coast of Vancouver Island has been one of the best trips to date.  Lots of Islands to explore, lots of things to see all while spending time by the ocean.


Kentucky Alleyne

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A park around two fishing lakes, that at one time were volcanoes.  The beach is still ash.  Not a lot going on here, but I still really like this spot.  It is a warm dry climate, and close to Merritt if you want to run into town for anything, or explore the other parks in the area.


Snowshoeing Kimberly


Kimberly is a beautiful place, with a ski lodge and a little town located close to Cranbrook in the Rocky Mountains.  This is the third time I have visited (first time in the winter) and plan to return many more times, maybe even try skiing.

Manning Park

Winter          Link 1          Link 2          Link 3

I grew up camping in this park in the summer, and just (April 2012) made it up there in the winter.  Mountains, rivers, lakes, forest and alpine meadows make the scenery amazing.  I have seen deer, black bear, marmots, pikas are a few of the animals I have seen in the park.  The ski hill is great, and much quieter than the hills around Vancouver.  I can’t say enough about this amazing park.


Moyier Lake

A beautiful lake, great for boating, swimming, canoeing.  We have had many great family vacations here.


Wasa Lake

Kids had lots of fun in the speed boat at this lake, however the time we were there the bugs were too bad to go exploring.



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