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Lunch over a fire

A the last minute we had the opportunity to head to the Rockies for the weekend, so we made a quick breakfast, through some clothes together and we were off. For lunch we headed up Lumberton Rd, a gravel road … Continue reading

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Spotted this great green Boler

I bought green paint for my Boler a little while ago, but didn’t get it painted before the cold temperatures set in, so seeing this great little Boler was exciting and sad.  The green looked great (it was brighter in … Continue reading


Elk Island National Park

At first we didn’t see much in the way of Bison, but as the sun went down we saw lots.  Driving around this park allows us to cover lots of ground and see lots.  It was fun, and great to … Continue reading

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Elk Island, South of Hwy 16

Having never explored the south side of Elk Island National park, we bundled the boys up and headed out.  On the drive we saw deer, a moose, and Bison.  The south side is not really accessible by road, with just a parking … Continue reading

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White Mud Ravine Nature Reserve

This spot came highly recommended for a summer walk, so we decided to check it out a bit early.  It is beautiful, so far the White Mud Creek is my favorite place to explore in Edmonton. We met up with some friends, and where … Continue reading

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Insulating the Boler

When I started this project is was -5, but with an un-insulated garage when it fell to -28 I decided to wait a couple days to finish (Not an issue I for saw when moving to Edmonton, kind of obvious in hind … Continue reading

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Lighthouse Park as seen by a 5 year old

When I was taking pictures at Light house park this December, C was using my point and shoot to take a few pictures of his own.  I had forgotten until I went to pull some more recent pictures off the … Continue reading

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I forgot to turn up the music

Since moving, I no longer drive much and didn’t bother setting up the stereo as it takes up room we don’t have in our current house.  With this, somehow I forgot to turn on the music and too often the TV has … Continue reading

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