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Check Out My Money Blog

Last week I launched a second Blog, focused on how to build your lifestyle with a focus on the financial foundation.  Have had lots of fun writting for this blog as well and would invite you to check it out, … Continue reading

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How Does Fitness Fit My Life?

When I was younger I put in a lot of time to make sure I was in shape, but as life progressed my work outs where quickly put on hold.  I always intended to get back to the gym, but … Continue reading

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Lower Seymour Conservation Area

I remember as a kid riding my bike on the road to the Seymour hatchery with my family.  Returning has been on my list for a while and this weekend we finally made it. I choose the trail-a-bikes for the … Continue reading

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Outdoor Kids Top Ten Activities

Planning an amazing adventure is appreciated by my kids, unless they get distracted by one of the following; 10.    Playing Chase 9.      Riding their bikes 8.      Driving their trucks in the dirt 7.       A Playground 6.       Floating their toy boats in water … Continue reading

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Boundary Bay Regional Park

This park is one of the nicest beaches in Vancouver in my opinion.  Natural sandy beaches to walk along, with signs of ocean life everywhere.  The marsh full of birds and a 4 km flat trail is perfect for kids. … Continue reading

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Redwood Park

Redwood park is always a hit with the boys and today was no different. With there aunt and uncle visiting, they were excited to show off the park. First stop, the covered picnic tables for lunch. Then off through the forest, to … Continue reading

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2012 Adventure List

I enjoy the idea of a bucket list, and love reading about everyone else’s bucket list, but still struggle to create my own.  I have lists of adventures I want to go on, and lists of adventures that need repeating.  I have … Continue reading

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Indoor Day

Although we love being outside, the boys do play inside a fair bit.  As summer is coming they have been playing camping a fair bit.  Sometimes with an indoor tent, others times with there hot wheels and with Lego. They do still think … Continue reading

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Blogging Surprised Me

I started blogging simply for a free way to post pictures of my trailer renovation, nothing more.  However I quickly became hooked.  I found the freshly pressed tab and amazing pictures, places and stories jumped out.  I then discovered how … Continue reading

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Crescent Beach

I have always loved the ocean.  A walk on the beach is a great way to finish any day.  Crescent beach is a great place, sandy beaches, walking path and much quieter than most of the local beaches.   Kids love … Continue reading

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