Monthly Archives: December 2011

Boler is stripped

A very generous friend has offered up his shop to work on the trailer, with a lot more space it is a huge upgrade!  So I pushed the Boler out of the garage and towed it over to his place.  Still using the magnetic … Continue reading

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Planning the trailer

I have been trying to pull together all the details before I start building, so here is what I have decieded so far, although I am sure some details will change. Colors, bright green, dark brown and white Power.  I … Continue reading

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Picking colors

I plan to create something different, so I do not feel limited to the original colors.  The debate was to go bright, or not.  everyone I talk to seems to think I should stay away from the bright colors, they may be … Continue reading

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Stripping the Shell

I am itching to get building, however I do not want to have to fix anything later that I can easily repair now.   So time to get the shell ready. Ensolite (insulation stuck to the fiberglass and painted to finish the interior) After … Continue reading

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