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Kids are excited about the trailer

The boys were excited when the trailer came home, however these things usually become normal fairly quick.  For the first week I got frequent requests to go home and check on the trailer.  Although this has stopped they are still excited to work on the trailer … Continue reading

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Start the Renovation

This weekend I took some time to start work on our Boler project.  My soft office hands show it. 1.  Cleaning.  I started by pulling out all the loose parts inside the trailer, the fiberglass parts for the dinnett and … Continue reading

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Boler is Home

The Boler is going to live in the garage for the next while, only problem is the trailer is slightly taller than the door is tall.  Also with a small garage the trailer fits better if it goes in tongue first, so … Continue reading

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Meet the Boler

Here it is, our new project.  All the aluminium has been painted black. a black patch is on the back and a hatch has been cut in the side, as it spent some time as a coffee stand. Most of it has … Continue reading

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Title Pictures

I have had a few questions about the pictures I choose for the title bar.  So here they are from Left to right, top to bottom.  (Since this post I have changed the title bar, so I have attached the … Continue reading

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Bringing the Boler Home

After watching the internet and a few papers for a few months an interesting Boler caught my eye.  It was a Ferry Ride away, Making a simple viewing into a much bigger production.  to ensure the trailer was there when I arrived … Continue reading

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Why I want a boler

I have always resisted a trailer, however with a family now, it has started to look like a better option.  I like to explore, and setting up camp for one was not hard, setting up for four with two young … Continue reading

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Our Boler Blog Set up

The blog is up.  The plan is to keep a record of the renovation for myself, as well provide ideas to others also renovating there trailer.  I have spent much time on other web sites that document other renovations, and … Continue reading

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